Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Girl's First Blazer

Boyfriend Blazer: H&M divided  (with hot pink lining) sz. 4  [ Extrapetite wore it here] 
Grey Blouse: Marshalls in sz. Small
Belt:  Thrifted from Savers, very snug on me
Dark Wash Jeans:  Abercrombie and Fitch-Erin Jeans in 0S (buy here)
Gladiater Heels:  Jessica Simpson, DSW store (buy alternative here) [ Extrapetite wore the alternative here]

This is my first blazer and I found it at H&M for about $30 dollars. I was desperately looking for a boyfriend blazer just to have in my closet. Although I am not sure of how a blazer should fit correctly, I think the blazer looks nice when it is unbuttoned.  I love that a blazer can make one look very "well put together."



Back View

Side View

Please feel free to comment below and let me know how blazers should fit, especially around the shoulder area. 


  1. Very cute ensemble, Diane! I think the black looks so much better than the color I tried on. If you look at the second to last pic, the creasing across the lower back (when buttoned) was my main issue with this blazer because it doesn't really conform to curves when buttoned. But when unbuttoned, I really think it looks great, esp for the price!

    Oh, and I have really similar shoes to those! Mine are from Target tho.

    PS - I just referred a fellow curvy petite, Pam, over to your blog! Hope you guys decide to show more outfits since right now the petite blogging scene is kind of dominated by tiny child-sized petites.

  2. PAG- Thank you! She let me know and I appreciate it alot! The second to last picture, I didn't button it but instead posed like I did in the first pic. When buttoned, it still gives me a similar feeling and I don't like it all that much either. Thanks for your support and I hope to see more bloggers similar to me too!

  3. I really like how the blazer looks on you in every pic except the "after" (it could just be the angle of the camera though). The length is perfect to be considered boyfriend. I'll have to check out H&M!

  4. I think the blazer looks quite nice on you! Especially when the sleeves are scrunched up. That price is pretty awesome as well for a blazer!

  5. Wow, you don't even look like a size 6! You look so much tinier! When I first went on your blog, I was like "what is she talking about, she's so petite, not curvy petite" Haha, I mean it as a compliment and by no means bashing! I love your style and will definitely be visiting your blog more often!

  6. What a cute blog you have! It's so nice to meet a fellow blogger with a similar body shape :) I think the blazer looks fine at the shoulders. I typically judge blazer fit by the sleeves (some sleeves are too billowy and need to be slimmed) and how it looks buttoned up (does the blazer waist hit at my natural waist, is it too tight or too loose at the bust, etc.). Looking forward to future postings!