Sunday, December 25, 2011

Our First Christmas

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed the time with your loved ones.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas came early for me

Hello fellow petites and readers-- I feel like it's been such a long time, in fact, it has been a long time since I last posted. I think it's only fair that I share why I have been missing in action.

Baby D was born!! Labor itself went smoothly; I would not have asked for anything different. I had an all natural water birth! In the meantime, I have been quite tired and busy. 

I hope you all are doing well and please continue to blog!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My First Ann Taylor Loft Purchase & Review: Black Sheath Dress

I went to Ann Taylor Loft for the first time this evening. After reading so many positive reviews about the sizing, I wanted to see if it was true for me, being curvy and all. I spent less than an hour trying on things from the sales rack and walked out with this dress, along with a blouse. Here is my review of my first Ann Taylor Loft Dress.

Sale Price- $34.99 + 30% off= $24.49
Ann Taylor Loft Petite Sculpted Sheath Dress in 0P (similar here)
Forever21 Black Hoisery/Tights (similar here)

Walmart L.e.i  Tweed Maryjane Shoes (similar here)

 According to the Ann Taylor Loft size chart, I am an XSP in tops and 0P in bottoms and dresses. I was excited that this 0P was on the sale rack. 
 I thought it fit perfectly well when I was in the fitting room but after taking pictures for this post, I see a flaw. The intention of this dress is to "sculpt" the body with its asymmetrical design. I love the design but from the side, I look like I'm pregnant because of the extra space in the waist area that bunches up. 

Click to enlarge and see what I mean
The length of this dress is very petite friendly, in my opinion, but I think I am still in search of clothes that fit both my waist and hips. I wonder what an 00P would feel like? Probably a little tight in the hips and snug at the waist.

Nonetheless, I really like this dress. The quality feels expensive and thick. The top is lined. The bottom portion is not but it's of thick spandex material. Regarding the fit,  I can always add a thin belt at the waist to add definition to my waist. Without wearing a belt, this dress looks like a rectangle on me.

I thought it'd be nice to add a face to the body.

I didn't have much time to really try things on and get a feel if Loft is for me or not but for the most part, I am content and plan to be shopping there more.

Thanks for my sister for taking pictures of me, for this blog. I am pleased with how the pictures are turning out. Please let me know if you'd like more pictures with face, or no face. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Girl's First Blazer

Boyfriend Blazer: H&M divided  (with hot pink lining) sz. 4  [ Extrapetite wore it here] 
Grey Blouse: Marshalls in sz. Small
Belt:  Thrifted from Savers, very snug on me
Dark Wash Jeans:  Abercrombie and Fitch-Erin Jeans in 0S (buy here)
Gladiater Heels:  Jessica Simpson, DSW store (buy alternative here) [ Extrapetite wore the alternative here]

This is my first blazer and I found it at H&M for about $30 dollars. I was desperately looking for a boyfriend blazer just to have in my closet. Although I am not sure of how a blazer should fit correctly, I think the blazer looks nice when it is unbuttoned.  I love that a blazer can make one look very "well put together."



Back View

Side View

Please feel free to comment below and let me know how blazers should fit, especially around the shoulder area. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Return or Keep: Express: Slim Crop Pants

 I have always heard about Express being very petite friendly and comfortable but I honestly have never tried anything on until today.  These are the Editor Slim Crop Pants and were on sale for $19.99. I couldn't find any Petites on sale but tons of 00 and 0s.

According to the tag, it says that the Editor Pant is the best known, best selling, and most popular pant because of the sexy style, fine fabric, sleek tailoring, and flawless fit.

Top: H&M Ruffled Shoulder Top in sz S (similar here)
Blazer: H&M blazer with pink lining in sz 4 (similar here)
Pants: Express Editor Slim Crop in sz 0 (buy here)
Shoes: Wild Rose peep toe pump with rose on the top(similar here)

I'd say that they feel very comfortable, similar to pants that you never want to take off or that you can fall asleep in and not feel like you're in anything. I like how it slims my thighs and hips. I initially tried on sz00 and it fit like a glove but I was not digging the crease in the crotch area due to my thick thighs so I opted for 0, which leaves a little space at my waist but comfortable in the thighs area. I still notice the crease though, does that still mean my thighs are too big? I possibly could try a 2 but a 0 is already two fingers wide big for me. What do you guys think? Return or keep?

I noticed that the pant fits tight to the model. The 0 is not that tight on me but the 00 is. What should I do?

Verdict:  Return 

[I tried on the Editor and Columnist Styles at the regular size length in 0P because there were no 00P and I honestly think they are not petite friendly for someone like me, who is 5 feet. I would have to wear atleast 4 inches to not let the hem touch the floor. Also, the 0P in the columnist fit but it's not my style, reminds me of spandex leggings.]

This blog is not so much of what to wear or what to buy, but it's about being petite and curvy and on the search for clothing that fits nicely. I hope you will follow me as I embark on this journey!