Saturday, September 25, 2010

Return or Keep: Express: Slim Crop Pants

 I have always heard about Express being very petite friendly and comfortable but I honestly have never tried anything on until today.  These are the Editor Slim Crop Pants and were on sale for $19.99. I couldn't find any Petites on sale but tons of 00 and 0s.

According to the tag, it says that the Editor Pant is the best known, best selling, and most popular pant because of the sexy style, fine fabric, sleek tailoring, and flawless fit.

Top: H&M Ruffled Shoulder Top in sz S (similar here)
Blazer: H&M blazer with pink lining in sz 4 (similar here)
Pants: Express Editor Slim Crop in sz 0 (buy here)
Shoes: Wild Rose peep toe pump with rose on the top(similar here)

I'd say that they feel very comfortable, similar to pants that you never want to take off or that you can fall asleep in and not feel like you're in anything. I like how it slims my thighs and hips. I initially tried on sz00 and it fit like a glove but I was not digging the crease in the crotch area due to my thick thighs so I opted for 0, which leaves a little space at my waist but comfortable in the thighs area. I still notice the crease though, does that still mean my thighs are too big? I possibly could try a 2 but a 0 is already two fingers wide big for me. What do you guys think? Return or keep?

I noticed that the pant fits tight to the model. The 0 is not that tight on me but the 00 is. What should I do?

Verdict:  Return 

[I tried on the Editor and Columnist Styles at the regular size length in 0P because there were no 00P and I honestly think they are not petite friendly for someone like me, who is 5 feet. I would have to wear atleast 4 inches to not let the hem touch the floor. Also, the 0P in the columnist fit but it's not my style, reminds me of spandex leggings.]

This blog is not so much of what to wear or what to buy, but it's about being petite and curvy and on the search for clothing that fits nicely. I hope you will follow me as I embark on this journey!


  1. i dont think your thighs are big xP.. and i honestly think they fit you very well. it would be helpful if you also took a pic of the 00 size too so we could compare.. this one looks like they are maybe too loose on your legs, not thigh, but just legs. maybe the crease is supposed to happen? lol

  2. Hello Diane!!! So excited that you started curvy petite. I will add you to my blogroll next week and am eager to see what else you will post about.

    My issue with these pants are the length...I am personally unfamiliar with capris but it seems that they are either too long to be capris on us petites, and too short to be ankle pants. This is the struggle I constantly have with ankle pants. Maybe pin it up a few inches to see how it looks?

    Btw, I just saw your question regarding the pumps. I think you may have misunderstood me previously because I don't like the Virginia pumps...I think they are really uncomfortable! But that could just be me...two other bloggers bought them after my post and they like them. I ahve not tried the other color, but I looked and worry they may be strange in person. The shoes that I order from target usually are not true to color in person.

  3. Leave it to PAG to spot the length. I have the same issue with the crotch area with a lot of pants. Can you create a profile page with your stats? I'm a pear shaped petite and I'm pretty curvy. It's so hard to fit clothes that fits well. I'm going to be working in the business field in a few years so it'll be great to get some tips now. Hehe I love these petite blogs. They are always so informative.

  4. Have you tried the Editor pants in the regular lengths? They are my go-to for work pants since I discovered them many years ago. I think the length might fit you better as these look kind of awkward to me. I wish it was a little shorter or a little longer.

    PS - You don't have big thighs :)

  5. I saw your comment in PAG's Scuba pant post and thought I'd check your blog. You don't have big thighs. It looks proportional to the rest of you (from what I can see in the pictures). I'm glad you returned them though because the length was making your legs look really short/choppy.

    Congratulations on starting a blog! I'm no good at picture taking or UTube-ing so I just watch and learn. Maybe some day...

  6. I forgot to mention, I am close in sizing to you so I am going to subscribe!

  7. Thanks for following my blog :). I have luck with their Editor Wide Waistband pants but I personally do not htink Express is a petite friendly brand especially those under 5'2".. Their tops are so long (good for long torso) but pants are not too terribly long. I bought three pairs (one editor and two columnists) and plan on getting them hemmed.

  8. Thanks for the review. That's weird I have a pair of editor crop pants and they're shorter (right below the knee). Maybe it's because it's an older style. I've had them for awhile now. Have you tried Express full length pants? Do you still have the hem them?

  9. Diane,

    You should not chop your face. Otherwise, the fitting looks great!

  10. Anonymous- I have tried the longer length but they are still too long for me. I didn't get to try on a 00P which would have fit fine as the 0P leaves a lot of loose material in the buttocks area. I would have to wear atleast a 4 inch heel to not have the hem touching the floor. I really wanted to like Express but I may not be going in there again.

    Anonymous- Okay. Thanks!

  11. Hi! I have the same H&M top and I love it! Do you??

  12. Seems like crop pants are hard for petites to pull off in general. I can't tell too much about the fit from the pics, but from what I can see, the proportions seem to be shortening instead of lengthening you. I agree with the return too.

  13. PetiteXXS- Thanks for your input. I am so happy that I have gotten such great feedback from everyone. I did indeed return them.

  14. I vote keep the blazer. You can never go wrong with a good blazer, but this is coming from the girl who is a sucker for them haha Speaking of curvy petite..I'm 5 foot 2 35-26- and let's not talk about my hips hahah

  15. PetiteAsianGirl referred me to you since I am also petite and not-so-slim. Express clothing from many, many years ago used to fit me (with hemming only), but the last time I tried on size 0 pants and short, they literally fell off my hips even though I'm not skinny. The vanity sizing kept me away, and I had no idea they sell petite sizes now. I've had better luck with Ann Taylor petite pants and Semantiks from Nordstrom's Petite department, but they cost more than Express.

    Anyways, I just dropped by to encourage you to continue blogging and posting pics. Maybe I will too (eventually) since my size is very uncommon...4'9, longer torso and shorter muscular legs, 25-28" inseam (depending on heel height), and size 4.5-5 in shoes.

  16. Roxy- Thanks! It's in a size 6 but I feel like the shoulder may not be fitting well. I'm a sucker for blazers too! I would love to try Zara ones.

    Pam- Hi Pam! Thanks for coming by and I will have to thank PAG for referring you here! I am the opposite of you, I have a short torso and then longer legs. I think? I am currently wearing AnF jeans in size 25 and length 29 and they seem to fit very well. Nonetheless, please start your own blog because you are indeed, unique! I will also try those brands as soon as possible.

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